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Temas e Debates
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email: ana.pereirinha@temasdebates.pt

José Luís Peixoto (1974, Portalegre) studied English and German language and literature at the New University of Lisbon. He was winner of the Young Creators' Prize awarded by the Portuguese Institute for Youth in 1997, 1998 and 2000. In October 2000, his first novel appeared, Nenhum Olhar (Blank Gaze) (Temas e Debates), earning him immediate recognition. In 2001, this work won him the José Saramago Prize, awarded by the Fundação Círculo de Leitores for the best work of fiction written in Portuguese by an author under 35 years of age. In the same year, he was nominated a finalist for the award of two of the most prestigious literary prizes: the Portuguese Writers' Association's Grand Prize for Novel and Novella and the Pen Club Prize. A further book of poetry entitled A Criança em Ruínas ('The Child in Ruins') (2001) was very warmly received, while the novel Uma Casa na Escuridão ('A House in the Darkness') and a further volume of poetry A Casa, A Escuridão ('The House, The Darkness'), were both released in October 2002. In 2002, having represented Portugal at literary events in Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt and Zagreb, he became the first Portuguese author to be invited to Ledig House, New York, as writer-in-residence. José Luís Peixoto is a regular contributor to various newspapers and magazines, including DNA (Diário de Notícias) and Jornal de Letras. He is currently working on his third novel.

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