What The Critics Say About José Luís Peixoto
Read about Uma Casa na Escuridão in Portuguese.
'José Luís Peixoto is one of the most suprising revelations in recent portuguese literature. I have no doubts that he is the safe promise of a great writer.' José Saramago

'One of the great revelations from our neighbouring country, the young José Luís Peixoto.' El País

'I believe we are in the presence of a great fiction writer and also a great prose writer in Portuguese, capable of extraordinary representations of the real, innovative rhythms and even a structural relationship with musical forms, unprecedented in our country.'
Vasco Graça Moura

'Nothing in this universe of words is superfluous, nothing is missing here: the perfect épure of a drawing that is being made visible, beyond the sketch or the symbol that conceal the meaning, and offers the strangeness of a world of quietudes and anguishes, in the serene and disturbing presence of destiny.'
Cristina Robalo Cordeiro

'Peixoto comes from the world of poetry and the theatre. And this can be sensed here. His pages, purified in the lyrical prose that makes them unique, introduce us into a rural space burned by the sun, inhabited by the singing of the cicadas and suspended in a mythical time where each action has a biblical inevitability.' Vogue Italia

'An established name in Portuguese literature, with a great sense of poetic language and a great mastery of Portuguese.'
Manuel Vasquez Montálban

'What makes José Luís Peixoto's text extraordinary is his capacity for advancing through this nebula of feelings and anguishes, always avoiding falling into the trap of any kind of emotional rhetoric. His commotion is limitless, but does not overflow. And his lyricism only reinforces the melancholy of this unsupported requiem for a solo voice.' José Mário Silva

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