Roland Mathias: Life and Work

The Collected Poems of Roland Mathias
The Collected Poems of Roland Mathias
University of Wales Press (2002)
Editor Sam Adams.

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The Collected Poems of Roland Mathias brings together poems written over a period of seventy years by one of the major Anglo-Welsh poets of the twentieth century. It includes all poems from the seven volumes Roland Mathias has published, as well as some previously unpublished poems, marked with an asterisk and added to the collection chronologically. The Collected Poems is more than a collection, however, for it contains, in addition to the poems, a scholarly apparatus one would not expect to find for the work of a living poet. The book begins with a biographical sketch and a fifty-one page introduction by the editor, and, after printing two hundred and twenty poems, it concludes with a final appended poem that 'the poet considers incomplete', eighty pages of elaborate notes on individual poems, and a select bibliography of reviews and articles on the poetry and relevant essays by the poet. In concept and execution the book is a worthy tribute to the long and distinguished career of Roland Mathias: it recognizes the value of the poetry and the importance of the poet by treating both with sustained and serious scholarly attention.

Professor Michael Collins, Georgetown University, Florence, Italy.

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