Contributors to Transcript

Translators and Authors
The following is a list of the authors of articles which appear in this issue of Transcript and of the translators who have contributed to this issue. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all.

Klaus Detlef Olof, Austria
Eric Dickens, Holland
Christian Le Bras, Brittany
Jean-Luc Moreau, France
Peter Busse, Germany
Markus Wursthorn, Germany
Elvira Veselinovic, Germany
Claudette Morris, France
János Széky, Hungary
Esther Kinsky, UK

Cover photograph of Drago Jancar:

Jane Straus

Authors of articles:

Aleksander Zorn, Slovenia
Manca Kosir, Slovenia
Mihaela Kastelec, Slovenia
Eszter Babarczy, Hungary
Dara O'Hare, Ireland
Diarmuid Johnson, Wales

Transcript would also like to thank those who have made general and greatly appreciated contributions to the making of this issue:

Ilvi Liive, Estonia
Esther Kinsky, England
Dora Karolyi, Hungary
Anna Paterson, Scotland
János Széky, Hungary

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