Death of Jirí Kolár
Jirí Kolár, self-portrait

Jiri Kolar, one of the Czech Republic's most famous and respected artists, died in the summer of 2002 at his home in Prague aged 87. Kolar is known for his poetry and collages. After the rise of Communism in 1948, he struggled continuously to have his work published and exhibited. His views resulted in a nine month prison sentence in 1950. Later he signed the Charter 77 human rights declaration along with other opposition figures, the current Czech President Vaclav Havel, for example. In 1980, Kolar emigrated to France, where he stayed until the collapse of Communist rule in 1989. His work was the subject of several exhibitions in western Europe and the United States, including a 1981 show in the Guggenheim Museum in New York. (Read more about Jirí Kolár in The Guardian or in French in Le Monde)

Some Books in English by or about Jirí Kolár

Jiri Kolar - Transformations Charlotta Kotik
Buffalo Fine Arts/Albright-Knox Art Gallery, 1978

Kolar - Chiasmage: Selections from the Guggenheim
Thomas M. Messer
Katonah Gallery, 1988

Jirí Kolár: Diary,1968 David Elliott, Arsen Pohribny
State Mutual Book & Periodical Service, 1984

Týdeník 1968/Newsreel 1968 Jiri Kolar

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