Rhea Galanaki

The Life of Ismail Ferik pasha
Das Leben von Ismail Feril pasha
The Life of Ismail Ferik pasha( (Agra, 1989).

Rights sold:
French (Actes Sud), English (Peter Owen), Dutch (Styx), Bulgarian, Turkish (Iletisim), German (Suhrkamp).

The Life Of Ismail Ferik Pasha (O vios tou Ismail Ferik Pasa) is a short historical novel based on the life of a Cretan revolutionary captured in the late nineteenth century during his country's struggle for independence. Exiled and raised a Muslim in Egypt, Ismail enjoys a successful military career only to find himself involved in aggression of his native land. A poignant reunion with his brother ensues, and an ironic dénouement to his search for 'some focus impervious to change'. The Life Of Ismail Ferik pasha is a study in remorse and guilt, and the portrait of a man who yearns to bridge the divide within.

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