Steve Sem-Sandberg

Steve Sem-Sandberg
Steve sem-sandberg and dagmar hartlova photo  zuzana dittrichiva
Steve Sem-Sandberg and translator Dagmar Hartlova (photo Zuzana Dittrichiva)

Steve Sem-Sandberg, born in Oslo in 1958, is a Swedish writer and journalist, literary critic. He divides his time between Stockholm and Prague and writes for the cultural section of the leading Stockholm-based broadsheet Svenska Dagbladet, where he was deputy cultural editor from 1995-98. The first of his four novels, De ansiktslösa (Faceless Men)(1987) brought him to the forefront of his generation. Theres (1996)a documentary novel about the German left-wing terrorist Ulrike Meinhof, received the prestigious Aftonbladet Literary Prize and was translated into several languages. Allt förgängligt är bara en bild (All that is Transient is but a Likeness) (1999) is a novel set in the besieged Munich of 1919, with the contrasting main characters Rainer Maria Rilke and the dramatist-revolutionary Ernest Toller caught in the city during the short-lived workers' council republic. Sem-Sandberg is also the author of a volume of essays I en annan del av staden (In a Different Part of Town (1990) and Den kluvna spegeln (The Divided Mirror) (1991) a volume of essays and reports from Eastern Europe. Prague (No Exit) (2002) is a collection of essays about Prague's literary heritage.

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