• Towards Good Management Practice, Olli Jalonen
    Olli Jalonen is master at creating a sense of dystopia and alienation. Read his Towards Good Management Practice.
  • Leena Krohn
    For Leena Krohn, fiction is a 'form of lucid dreaming'. Read her short story Son of the Chimera.
  • Petri Tamminen
    Read of attic, library and bookshop in Petri Tamminen's Secret Lives.
  • Saila Susiluoto
    Saila Susiluoto's first volume, Siivekkäät ja Hännäkkäät ('The Winged and the Tailed') won the Kalevi Jäntti Prize for young writers in 2001. Enter her Book of Rooms.
  • Time Difference Raija Siekkinen
    Siekkinen's stories are chronicles of the middle classes, where material goods are no shield against the dark nights of the soul. We publish Time Difference.
  • Förklädnader, Thomas Warburton
    Veteran Thomas Warburton's latest book is called Förklädnader. Read Three Allegories from its pages.

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