Ghjacumu Fusina

Ghjacumu Fusina
Read four poems in French by Ghjacumu Fusina here in Transcript.
Ghjacumu Fusina (L'Ortale d'Alisgiani, 1940) spent a number of years in Paris before returning to Corsica in 1982 where he became involved in the Riacquistu cultural revival. Lecturer at the Universtiy of Corti, Fusina is poet, translator, linguist and essayist. His books include Cantilena veranile, poèmes pour enfants (Scola corsa, Bastia, 1983), E Sette Chjappelle, poems and prose, (Albiana, Ajaccio, 1987) awarded both the Prix du Livre corse and the Prix de l'Assemblée de Corse, and Versu cantarecciu, a collection of lyrics widely sung in Corsica in recent decades.

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