Marc Biancarelli

Marc Biancarelli
Pegasi biancareli
Order Prighjuneri / Prisonnier by Marc Biancarelli from La FNAC.

Viaghju in Vivaldia
Le Signet 1999

Parichji Dimonia
Albiana 2002
(Photographies d'Anna de Tavera).

Since the publiction of his first collection of short stories Prighjuneri / Prisonnier (Albiana, 2000), a book which was awarded the Prix du Livre Insulaire (2001), Corsican writer Marc Biancarelli has enjoyed much publicity. He has also published Saint Jean à Patmos, a second collection of short stories, and 51 Pegasi astru virtuali, a novel which transports the reader light years from the earth.

Read El Cappucino, a poem by Marc Biancarelli.

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