Drago Jancar

Drago Jancar
Jancar-foto joze suhadolnik
Photo by Joze Suhadolnik

Drago Jancar, born in Maribor, Slovenia, 1948, is the best-known Slovenian writer at home and abroad. He studied law, worked as journalist, editor and free-lance writer. Under the Communist regime he was sentenced for "enemy propaganda". In l985 he lived in the USA as a Fulbright fellow, in l988 in Germany. As President of the Slovenian P.E.N. Center from l987 to 1991 he contributed to the emergence of democracy in Slovenia and the rest of the former Yugoslavia. His novels and short stories have been translated and published in many European languages and in the USA, his dramas have also seen a number of foreign productions and are always considered the highlights of the Slovenian theatrical season. He received a number of literary awards, including the the highest Slovenian literary award, the Preseren Prize, the European Short Story Award and the Herder Prize for literature. He lives in Ljubljana.

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