Suzana Tratnik

Suzana Tratnik
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Photo by Nada Zgank
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Suzana Tratnik was born in 1963 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. She graduated in sociology at The Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana and holds a Master's Degree in Gender Anthropology from Ljubljana Graduate School of Humanities. A writer, journalist, essayist and gay activist, she is the co-editor of L, An Anthology of the Lesbian Movement in Slovenia, 1984-1995, and one of the organizers of the Gay/Lesbian Film Festival in Ljubljana. Her short stories have been published in Slovenian literary and cultural magazines (Mentor, Dialogi, Razgledi, Primorska sre
anja, Sodobnost, Literatura
) and included twice in an annual anthology of the best stories written by Slovenian women writers. One of her stories was published in the German anthology of European lesbian prose - Sappho küsst Europa (Querverlag, Berlin 1997) and in The Vintage Book of International Lesbian Fiction (Vintage Press, New York and Toronto 1999). She is the author of short story collections Pod niclo (Below Zero, 2001, published in German as Unterm Strich by Milena Verlag) and Na svojem dvoria
(In One's Own Backyard) and of a novel, Ime mi je Damijan (My name is Damian), which will be published in Czech, German and Serbian in 2005. She has translated several books of British and American fiction and non-fiction for different publishers.

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