1. International Writers´ Gathering Vilenica
c/o Slovenian Writers´ Association
Tomsiceva 12
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Tel: ++386 1 4252 340, 2514 144
Fax: ++386 1 421 64 30,,
Barbara Subert:

Since 1986, this gathering has been organised by the Slovenian Writers´ Association annually every first week in September from Wednesday till Sunday. The guests are accommodated at Lipica, a world-famous stud farm, and cradle of the white Lipizzaner horses in the heart of the Karst region. One hour's drive from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, or 20 minutes from Trieste, it represents the crossroad between the Central Europe, South-East Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Over 100 authors, editors, publishers, translators, journalists and others participate in the Vilenica festival. The organisers' ambition is to develop the festival into a focal point of literary information, presentation and learning about Central European authors and their literary production.

2. The Trnovo Tercets
Karunova 14
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Tel: ++386 1 2832 288
Tone Skrjanec:

The Trnovo Tercets is an international festival of poetry, which was first organised in 1994 by the cultural society KUD France Preaeren in co-operation with the Slovenian Writers´ Association. The festival is held annually at the beginning of February in the KUD France Preaeren hall in Ljubljana. Readings are held in three consecutive nights, each presenting three Slovenian or foreign poets. The readings are held in the evenings in the KUD France Preaeen hall, which can seat around one hundred people.

3. Days of Poetry and Wine
Beethovnova 9/1
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Tel: ++386 1 2510 332
Fax: ++386 1 2522 618
Ales Steger and Jana Skaza:

Days of Poetry and Wine is a gathering of young poets. The idea of the festival is to encourage dialogue between the participants. Sponsored by The Student Publishing House in Ljubljana, The Brda Community, the Slovenian Ministry for Culture and the winegrowers from Medana, the festival takes place in Medana, a small village in the heart of one of the Europe's vine-growers regions. See above for contact details.

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