Charlotte Blay

Charlotte Blay
Charlotte Blay

Writing in her Danish language website, Charlotte Blay says of herself:

'I was born in 1938, the daughter of a skipper. During my childhood in Svendborg my dad would tell the most awe-inspiring tales when he arrived home from his travels on the oceans. Soon after I too began telling stories. When I had children myself, I continued to tell stories. Many of them became children's books, or books for young people. The first book was entitled Hyldehytten (The Elderberry Cottage) (1970). Since then, about 50 books have come to be. I have also done scripts for Radio Denmark and vast numbers of song lyrics; particularly for Povl Kjoeller (Jeg har en rokketand) (I Have a Loose Tooth). I am very curious by nature, and as soon as my three daughters had moved away from home, I began to travel the world. Native peoples interest me most, and I have stayed with Masai Warriors in Kenya, the Aborigines in Australia, the Meskito Indians in Nicaragua, the Black Foot Indians in The Rocky Mountains and the Eskimos in Greenland. I have worked in refugee camps in Croatia and been riding on horseback over Iceland countless times. I have collected stories on children in Ghana and Vietnam, and in 1999 I lived among street children in Honduras in order to go home and write about their lives. One thing which inspires me, apart from travelling the world, is to be together with children. That is why I love to go out into the schools and
tell stories. I am also lucky to have twelve grandchildren, all full of beans and eager for stories. My grandchildren have given me ideas for fantastic new adventures, stories and songs. I have moved back to Funen now where many years ago I heard my first stories. I live at Sandholt Castle, which is one of Funen's most
haunted castles!'

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