Charlotte Blay

The Huskies are Howling
Sladehunde[1]Order this book here
Slaedehundene hyler


Louise Langhoff Koch

German (Beltz & Gelberg)

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Nannavina's older brother has gone missing in the snowy mountains after a row with his friend Norsaq. And so Nannavina travels from Copenhagen to Greenland to try to rescue him. She and Norsaq travel by sledge into the wilderness. Nannavina finds herself suspicious of Norsaq, but what can she do? Is her brother dead? Does Norsaq know more than he admits? During their journey over the snow with the huskies, Nannavina grows in maturity. The Huskies are Howling is a thriller and a love-story about young people where only courage can overcome the odds.

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