Josefine Ottesen

On the Furthest Island
På den yderste ø

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On the Furthest Island is the first volume of a trilogy by Josefine Ottesen entitled The Warrior. The trilogy is inspired by Jungian psychology, and by the idea of male archetypes: the warrior, the wise man and the king. Odd, the hero of the trilogy, is a red-headed, fiery young lad who is washed ashore on the island of Berkanas and enslaved by the wicked sorceress. He dreams of escape and of glory as warrior in the king's escort. On the Furthest Island tells the story of Odd's struggle to make his dream come true. First he must outdo the sorceress who plans to sacrifice him. But a messenger from the king arrives and Odd finds himself journeying to the underworld. Odd's destiny becomes entwined with that of the king's son, and soon he will risk life and limb to save the prince. On the Furthest Island is an enthralling book set in ancient Scandinavia whose characters grow with ever page, setting the scene for the sequel Bag borgens mure (Behind the Walls of the Castle), and for Over åbent vand (Over the open sea), the third part of the trilogy due for publication this spring.

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