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Sigmundur Ernir Runarsson
Sigmundur ernir
Sigmundur Ernir Roenarsson
Sigmundur Ernir Runarsson (1961) was only 19 when his first book of poetry, Circumstances appeared. Since then, he has published five others. His poems are characterized by simple language and clear imagery. His latest book of poetry is entitled Intown-Outland (2002). Many of the poems it contains are about other countries, foreign cities, and places abroad. Sigmundur has also published poems in periodicals and written for radio and television. For some years, he was a well-known television reporter, but is now co- editor of DV, a daily paper, in which he writes on various subjects.
Read poems by Sigmundur Ernir Runarsson here. Translations by Thorir Gudmundsson.

Mountain 13

Surrounded by mountains
I love my bit
of universe

field shrubs rocks
clouds rain sun

and a thought
halfway to the ocean

from here
they have given me
a fraction of the sky

plenty of weather.


And when the lilac darkness
which I slowly breathe
smells of ocean

I smile cautiously

Then it is time for the first bird to jump.

A small book

The lighthouse guard strolls onto the cliff's edge and calmly looks to the ocean, to the deep as if it has something to tell. From the sky above these are a pair of eyes in the rock and waves all around. Uncertain weather, uncertain time. And at this point it would be proper to say: 'Oh well'. Finally he trudges back as slowly as his footsteps permit. By a deep path. And hasn't many places to go. Inside, he writes an acount of the weather in a small book. All this sea in a few words.

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