Helsinki Conference in June
'Multicultural Europe - National Literatures Revisited' is the title of the June conference co-organised by the Finish Literature Information Centre, LAF, and Mercator.
The Finnish Literature Information Centre, in conjunction with Literature Across Frontiers (LAF) and The Mercator Centre (Wales) are organising a conference entitled 'Multicultural Europe - National Literatures Revisited' to be held in Helsinki on the 13th and 14th of June. The Helsinki conference will bring together writers, translators, and publishers with policy-makers and funding bodies. Meeting in convivial Helsinki will facilitate discussion as to how publishing might better reflect the cultural diversity of Europe today. The conference will focus on projects which are seeking to build bridges between neighbouring cultures. The conference offers an impressive panel of speakers. Amongst these are Ales Debeljak (Slovenia), Predrag Matvejevic (Bosnia), Satu Gröndahl (Sweden), Antigone Kefelá (Greece), Rubén Palma (Chile/Denmark), and José Borghino (Australia). The Helsinki conference kicks off on the 12th of June with a visit to Tallinn in the company of Mati Sirkel of the Estonian Writers' Unions and Ilve Liive of the Estonian Literature Information Centre. Visit Finnish Literature Information Centre for further details.

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