The Lahti International Writers' Reunion
This year the theme of the Lahti International Writers' Reunion is the notion of the holy and the sacred.
Each year, just before midsummer, dozens of writers from all over Europe gather at the Mukkula manor in Lahti, Finland for the Lahti International Writers' Reunion. The event has been part of the literary calender since 1963. Over the years many themes have fuelled discussion: morality and ethics, the role of the writer, national identity. This year the theme of the reunion is the question: 'What is Sacred?' Related question are: 'Is everything profane?' and 'Is modern literature a secularising force?' The Reunion takes place this year from the 15th - 18th of June. The writers will travel to Lahti by coach on the 15th of June following the 'National Literature Revisited' conference in Helsinki. For more information see Lahti.

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