Writing in Shetland

Writing in Shetland
North atlantic drift
Shetland lies between Scotland and Norway in the North sea. Transcript introduces you its language and writers.
Shetland is an archipelago of over a hundred islands. Of these, fewer then twenty are inhabited. The islands were ruled by Norway until the 15th century when they were included in the dowry of Margaret of Norway on her marriage to James III of Scotland. The islands can be reached by air or ferry from Aberdeen or Orkney. Shetland now serves as a supply base oil platforms in the North Sea, and much of the oil is brought ashore to the terminal at Sullom Voe.

In this issue, Transcript invites you to discover writers from Shetland. We feature Christine de Luca and Robert Alan Jamieson. The work of many others may be read in A Shetland Anthology. For more information on this fine collection, view A Shetland Anthology, and to order your copy of the book, go now to order form. Further information on writers from Shetland can be found at the Writing from Shetland site. Books can also be ordered at The Shetland Bookshop.

Read also Nordic-Celtic Connections, an article by Christine de Luca about translating poetry.

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