Writing in Shetland

Robert Alan Jamieson
Robert alan jamieson
Robert Alan Jamieson

Robert Alan Jamieson was born in 1958 in the rural community of Sandness in the Shetland Islands. As a teenager, he published stories and poems in local reviews. He went to Edinburgh University as a mature student, and was awarded a three year scolarship to study litterature at Perth. He contributes regularly to writing workshops and teaches creative writing at the universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow. He has published three novels (Soor Hearts, Thin Wealth and A Day at the Office), two collections of poetry (Shoormal and North Atlantic Drift), and two plays (An Aald Lion Lies Doon et The Isle of Riskay). His libretto for the symphonic cantata Beyond the Far Haaf in 1992 won the Shetland literary prize.

Visit Robert Alan Jamieson's website to learn more about his life and work. And on the site, read Coarse Salt and Snow, a poem about drying mackerel on the clothesline.

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