Writing in Shetland

Two Poems in Shetlandic by Christine de Luca
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The following texts in Shetlandic are accompanied by English translations by the author.
Ice Floe on-line

We scrit wir wirds ta mak connection
wi laands whaar eence der wis a link;
dan dirl dem oot alang meridians
tae aa erts roond wir virtual wirld.

Eence, uncans cam bi oar or sail:
a lang sea circle vaege, da wirds
maist likely faered. Wir wirds birl
aff a satellites an starns; loup an tirl,

crackle lik mirry-dancers i da lift.
We set dem sheeksin owre Arctic distances
ta gently rummel Babel's Tower , an bigg
a hoose instead ta hadd wir difference.

Ice Floe online

We write our words to make connection
with lands where once there was a link;
then send them zinging along meridians
in all directions round our virtual world.

At one time news came by oar or sail:
a long sea circle journey, the words
most likely feared. Our words dance
off satellites and stars; they leap and twirl,

crackle like aurora borealis in the sky.
We set them blethering across arctic distances
to gently topple Babel's Tower, and build
a house instead to hold our difference.

Jöst a blink

I dy aerly days we wir cringed
bi an umbilicus, shared aathin.
Cells shön spleet, med dee unique.

Bits o memory play fast forward,
a coarn bides ithin slow motion.

Shön du wis a sprickle i da airms,
but I could hap dee up at nicht
oot a hairm, rin ta dee if du gret.

Wirds cam, took owre, shapit
dy wirld, helpit wale göd fae ill.

I waaken ee day, an du's a man,
luikin doon apö me. I wait up fur dee
or lie waakrife till I hear dy key.

Queer fu hit's jöst a blink; at we canna rewind,
play hit aa back. Fornenst time
we man hadd da glöd, da memory.

Just a blink

In your early days we were tethered
by an umbilicus, shared everything.
Cells soon split, made you unique.

Bits of memory play fast forward
a little stays in slow motion.

Soon you were wriggling in my arms,
but I could tuck you up at night
out of harm, run to you if you cried.

Words came, took over, shaped
your world, helped you tell good from evil.

I waken one day, and you're a man,
looking down at me. I wait up for you
or lie sleepless till I hear your key.

Strange how it's just a blink that we cannot rewind,
play it all back. Against time
we must hold the glow, the memory.

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