Inazio Mujika Iraola

Inazio Mujika Iraola

I was born in Donostia in 1963, four days before somebody shot President Kennedy. So it wasn't me. I completed my Teacher's Certificate and got my degree in Basque philology. For the most part, I have written short stories. Some have appeared in my books; others have not.

My first collection came out in 1987. It was called Azukrea belazeetan (Sugar on the Prairie). This strange title is a metaphor for snow, and snow itself is a metaphor for my first homeland: childhood. My story Linkon (1991), published as part of a series for children, didn't appear in this collection though now I think perhaps it belongs there.

I am so fond of legends that those that exist seem too few and I made up new ones for my book Hautsaren kronika, published in 1994. War has always seemed to me to be the perfect theater for examining the light and darkness of human character. Any war will do, but since it was most familiar to me, I began to write fiction about the Spanish Civil War and the period of the German occupation of France.

My first offering was the story that appears here, Itoak ur azalera bezala (1992), which I had intended to be the seed of a larger collection. The same was true of my short book Matriuska (1995), which is comprised of only three stories. My latest book is Gerezi denbora (Cherry Season, 1999); they say it's a novel, but I consider it a long story. I turned in the proofs of this book to the publisher one day, and that night my twins were born, a boy and a girl; a good harvest for the season so to speak. You will certainly understand why I haven't written more since then.

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