• Tiziano's testicles ...
    Hit by a ball, contused by a knee, cracked by a nut cracker, my testicles make me faint from the pain. Two such delicate glands in such an exposed position! When they say a man has balls, they mean that he can easily be knocked down, being such a vulnerable creature.

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  • In the AIDS clinic ...
    "These AIDS tests are dicks in the wind," he says softly, but with dignity, with trust, "I observe this every day. And everyone leaves the examination room smiling, everyone negative. Those results, diagnoses, don't guarantee anything. The country is poor, and the therapy is expensive. The social services have no money. That's why everyone's negative. Because it's cheaper. You need big contacts around here for you to be pronounced positive. Right now I'm working on getting such a contact."

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  • The male short story ...
    What on earth is a male short story? A literary Loaded? A narrative Nuts? A short story sporting a beard comes to mind. It moves forward decisively, mows down a few other stories, checks out its surroundings, mates with the best-looking female story. The End.

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