• Martha, Jac and Sianco
    They lowered the body to the ground. Sianco had wrapped him in a blanket over the winter fearing that he would get cold in the old storehouse. Martha gazed down at the scarecrow. Its body was becoming more decrepit with each year's exhumation, the straw flesh leaving the wooden bones and its innards spilling out from the dark jacket. Read more from Caryl Lewis's Martha, Jac and Sianco, and admire one of Tom Salt's series of scarecrow photographs.
  • The Last Window Giraffe
    Milosevic's father had been promoted from Sunday School teacher to Russian teacher, before throwing himself off a rock in Montenegro. His mother hanged herself, his uncle, the general, shot himself in the head with two revolvers, in stereo. One of the banners at the student protests calls on us to keep the family tradition alive. Read more from Péter Zilahy's The Last Window Giraffe.
  • Siamese
    If only she could have come in here once a week and relieved herself, if only one of my days I could smell a smell other than Erna's, the smell of young fresh excretions here in my bathroom...it would have got me through the day, lifted me high in the air...I would ask her not to flush away, I would be in heaven for a few hours, sitting with my head in a fragrant cloud, with nothing else on my mind... Read more from Stig Sæterbakken's Siamese.

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