• The Baltic Pigs Have Arrived ...
    Bacon! That's to keep up one's strength.

    Rye bread! No Latvian should leave his country without it. That applies whether he's heading East or West, whether he's escaping or being deported in a cattle car. That's why the bread! It's every Latvian's ID.

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  • Amaryllises ...
    Her son-in-law was a graphic artist, and after helping with the potato harvest or haymaking his hands would shake for several days from lifting the heavy weights - he was the first to stop coming. Ella thought he was a wimp. A doodler. As for her daughter-in-law's profession, she couldn't tell a soul about it. A doctor of women's butts.
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  • The Innocent Virgins ...
    There was a girl I once had for just a few days. You might even say I didn't have her at all. In the sense that she wasn't mine and I wasn't hers. We didn't even get around to having sex. Just made out a bit. Went to the movies; saw a film with Johnny Depp; went to get pizza. That kind of stuff. And then she disappeared. Simply disappeared.
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