PROSE: The Innocent Virgins

Pauls Bankovskis

Pauls Bankovskis (1973) is the author of seven novels and two short story collections, and also co-wrote the screenplay for the film Baiga vasara (The Summer of Horror) which focuses on the Soviet occupation and annexation of Lativa in 1940. His novels Padomju Latvijas sieviete (The Soviet Latvian Woman, 2001) and Ceka, bumba un rokenrols (Cheka, Bomb, Rock'n'Roll, 2002) describe the Soviet era in Latvia. His latest novel Eiroremonts (Eurorenovation, 2005) is preoccupied with more recent history.

When Bankovkis' novel Ceka, bumba un rokenrols was published in Finland in 2004, the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper wrote: "Bankovskis reveals what the world was like behind the Iron Curtain - mayhem: full of misinformation, pain, anxiety and absurdity. For us, living in 'capitalism's wild jungle', such a world is difficult even to imagine."

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