Push, Push

Andra Neiburga

The prose writer Andra Neiburga was born in Riga in 1957. A graduate of the Latvian Academy of Art, she has worked as a designer for the magazines Avots and Karogs and has chaired the Latvian Young Writers' Association. Following the publication of her first two highly acclaimed books - the short story collection Izbazti putni un putni buros (Stuffed Birds, Caged Birds, 1988) and the children's book Stasts par Tilli un Sunu viru (The Story of Tille and the Dog Man, 1991) - Andra Neiburga chose to discontinue her public literary activity until 2002. Neiburga's latest book is the short story collection Stum, stum (Push, Push, 2004), which has once again won her general critical and public acclaim.

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