Feminine Energy and Passion

Feminine Energy and Passion
Rita Petro: Self-portrait

It must not be denied that much was achieved for the emancipation of Albanian women during the communist dictatorship. Albania evolved from an extremely backward, patriarchal society to one in which women could make their voices heard. It was also in the late communist period, after the first generation of universal education bore fruit, that women began writing and publishing works of literature.

It was, however, only after the arrival of democracy in the early 1990s that Albanian women began producing solid works of literature, poetry in particular, works which in many cases caught the attention and patronage of the reading public more than did those of their male counterparts. Although the first chaotic decade of democracy may have constituted an initial setback for women in many concrete ways, as it did in other eastern European countries, there is no doubt that Albanian poetry and prose were substantially furthered by a feminine touch.

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