Transcript 25:
Winter Shorts

Photo: Joanna Miller
Chantal Wright
Transcript proudly presents 'Winter Shorts', a collection of fine short stories with which to while away the winter hours.

Learn about the refined and brilliant Madame T., and the inappropriateness of drinking wheat beer on a cold winter's day in Tzveta Sofronieva's 'Madame T.'. A passionate childhood attachment ends in tragedy in Francesc Serés' 'The Price'. And in Donal McLaughlin's 'surviving uncertain fates', a man's peculiar sleeping habits provide insights into the state of his emotional life (English and German editions only).

In our French edition, find out what happens when a drunken man shares a bed with two women, one of whom happens to be his wife, in Dusan Mitana's 'La terre est ronde'. And meet a grandmother for whom jam-making and Anna Karenina are the two most important things remaining in life in Markas Zingeris' 'Ma grand'mère et Ana Karénine'.

In our German edition, award-winning author Zoran Drvenkar gives us a white Christmas - with lashings of paranoia - in 'Schnee'. And Pavol Rankov blurs the lines between us and them in a chilling tale of war, 'WIR und DIE / DIE und WIR', set nowhere and everywhere.

In our English edition, twitch curtains on Malta with Marlene in Clare Azzopardi's 'Jelly Babies', and be moved by the kindness of a middle-aged woman who buries the canine dead in Francesca Rhydderch's 'Dog Eat Dog'.

In our features section, we take a look at the winner of the inaugural Dylan Thomas Prize: the young Welsh author Rachel Trezise and her short story collection Fresh Apples. And as ever, there's a round-up of new translation titles in 'Found in Translation'.

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