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    Mária Chilf: terhelt helyek 02

    This painting formed part of the 2003 MDSE exhibition 'Belasteste (W)orte, belastete Landschaften' ('Loaded words, troubled spaces') at the Metalllabor in Bitterfeld
    (m)other words
    I do feel that if we avoid words, avoid what is bad about them, then we judge their meaning conclusively and something goes very wrong. I refuse to accept communicative taboos on principle.
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  • forbidding vowels
    The word Jude was never free, could never be a word like house or sky or milk. I could only start to reflect on the people to whom it referred when I learned to say the English word. It was in Chicago or New York where I met people who were Jewish.

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  • manifestos
    The toilets are the only surveillance free space. A real utopia where power is absent, everybody is equal and everybody can do what he wants under the pretext of doing what he came for. A feeling of absolute impunity. You can't get it anywhere else, just the grave and the toilet. The interesting thing about it is that both are about equally large.

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