Jean Portante
Photo: Laurence Barataud

Jean Portante was born in Differdange in Luxembourg in 1950. He is a poet, novelist, translator and journalist. He has written over twenty books, which include collections of poems, short stories, plays, screenplays, chronicles and novels, and he has been translated into several languages. He is the director of the 'Graphiti' series of poetry in Editions PHI, and the editor of the weekly Le Jeudi. He chairs and runs the Journées Littéraires de Mondorf. Jean Portante is a founding member of the European Academy of Poetry and a member of International P.E.N. France.

His most recent titles include: Mourir partout sauf à Differdange, novel (Editions PHI, Luxembourg: 2003), L'étrange langue, poems (Le Taillis Pré, Namur: 2002), La pluie comme un oeil, poems (Editions Empreintes, Moudon: 2001), La mémoire de la baleine, novel (Le Castor Astral, Paris: 1999), Allen Ginsberg. L'autre Amérique, essay (Le Castor Astral, Paris: 1999).

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