• Please_leave613
    © Vera Kovacevic
    With grateful thanks to the Centre for Slovenian Literature
    Paca the Cow
    Paca was a white cow with big, black spots. All the other cows admired her handsome spots, and never tired of saying how pretty she was. But one day ...
  • Carrot Elf
    The Carrot Elf and the grey Darnmouse are the best of friends; until the day, that is, when a big argument disrupts their harmony, and an angry Carrot Elf decides to go out and see the world ...
  • A Tale of a Tale
    Once upon a time, there was a story that lived in a book. It was a wonderful story, a story full of jokes and laughter. But the book had been closed for many years. Nobody read the story anymore, and as a result, the story felt very sad ...

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