STORIES:Paca the Cow

Paca the Cow
© Pepon Negre Dalmau
With grateful thanks to the Institut Ramón Llull
A story by Pepon Negre Dalmau from the virtual collection Contes del Tom i la Lala (2007)

Translated from the Catalan by Graham Thomson

Paca was a white cow with big, black spots. All the other cows admired her handsome spots, and never tired of saying how pretty she was.

All of the cows on the farm loved Paca very much, because she always showed them where to find the freshest, greenest grass to eat, the newest, softest straw to sleep on and the sunniest places to lie down and rest.

But one day, as Paca was grazing, one of her friends came up and asked if she could graze alongside her, and Paca said no!

Every time one of the other cows came over to talk to her, Paca got crosser and crosser, because she wanted to be on her own.

That night, without saying a word to anyone, she went off to sleep on the far side of the barn. In the morning, when she got up, a strange thing had happened: one of her lovely black spots had disappeared.

It was an awful day for Paca. All of her friends noticed that the spot had disappeared, and she became more and more unfriendly.

The next morning, another spot had disappeared. Paca was very angry when she found that her spots were disappearing, day by day.

At last, Paca realized that every time she lost her temper, one of her spots disappeared, and she thought: "I'll try to be happy, and then maybe my spots will come back."

So she spent all day eating grass and playing with her friends, and in the evening she felt quite happy again. That night they all slept side by side, like before, on the soft new straw.

When she woke up, one of her pretty spots had come back. Before long, Paca was a happy, friendly cow again, and, one by one, all of her spots came back.



With grateful thanks to the Institut Ramón Llull


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