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Albert Gatt
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Christine Grixti

Albert Gatt was born in Malta in 1979. After obtaining a degree in psychology and linguistics, he read for a Masters in formal semantics, and is now engaged in research on artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Albert has been translating works of fiction and poetry from Maltese into English for a number of years. He views this as a natural extension of his interest in language and its complexity. His translations include a number of short stories and poems by Clare Azzopardi, Immanuel Mifsud, and Adrian Grima. His translations have appeared in "In Focus", the literary review of PEN (Cyprus), as well as on, a website dedicated to new writing hosted by Scottish writer Laura Hird. He has also translated Others, across by Clare Azzopardi, and some poems in The Tragedy of the Elephant by Adrian Grima (Inizjamed, Midsea Books, 2005), both published in the series Contemporary Maltese Writers in Translation.

He lives in Scotland, where the granite facades, clouds, and rain are a constant threat to his sanity.

Maria Grech Ganado

Maria Grech Ganado (b. 1943 - Malta) was the first Maltese woman to be appointed a Full-Time Lecturer at the University of Malta where she lectured in English Literature. She has published five volumes of verse - three in Maltese (Izda Mhux Biss, Skond Eva & Fil-Hofra Bejn Spallejha - the first winning the National Book Council’s Prize in 2002) and two in English, (Ribcage & Cracked Canvas) - and has been translated from Maltese into English, French, Italian and German, and from English into French, Greek, Spanish and Czech. Her work has been extensively published in England, France, Italy and Cyprus, and she has been invited to symposia, readings, book fairs, festivals in Cyprus, Wales, Germany, Italy and Lithuania. In 2000, she received a national award, the MQR, for Service to the Republic. She also works extensively on translations into English of other Maltese writers and in November 2005 co-ordinated an international symposium, Re-Visions - Literary Exchange in an Expanding Europe, held by the literary organisation and NGO, Inizjamed, of which she is a member, with the Culture 2000 organisation LAF in Malta. One of her poems was carried by the European Commission’s anthology, May Day (2006). Maria has three children, Xandru, Francesca and Louisa, whom she considers essential to her curriculum.

Christine Grixti

Christine Grixti has been working as a translator with the European Commission in Luxembourg since 2006. Her previous employment experience includes a span of twenty years in banking, two years with the Malta Youth National Agency and another three years with a research institute DISCERN, based in the Catholic Archdiocese of Malta. She has also been briefly involved with the European Anti Poverty Network, Malta. A graduate in BA Youth and Community Studies and holder of the Postgraduate Diploma in Translation and Interpreting Studies from the University of Malta, she recently completed a 500 word glossary of EN-MT terms in the fields of employment and social inclusion. Hobbies include painting and sculpture, ceramics, reading, walking and swimming.

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