Bordered by the Sea
Photo: Karolis Zukauskas
Chantal Wright

On the face of it, the geo-political situations of Israel and Malta appear widely divergent. When one looks at the work of the Israeli poet Tal Nitzan and the Maltese poet Adrian Grima, however, a common theme emerges: borders, and the encounters between those who live on either side of them. Malta's borders have become Europe's borders, with all the issues that entails: "our united Europe of solidarity", sings Grima's poem 'If I had a motorboat' with no little irony. And Israel's borders, the subject of Nizan's poem 'The Target', continue to draw the attention of the entire world.

We hope that you will enjoy this poetry edition of Transcript, as it roams from Iceland to the Mediterranean, taking in a Welsh-Belgian joint venture and an Irish-Canadian dialogue along the way.

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