Rana al-Tonsi

"I want to write..."
Photo: Karolis Zukauskas
All poems translated from the Arabic by the poet
I want to write a letter to my father
Telling him all about my vacations
My father's mail box does not read letters.
I want to write home a letter
I'm coming back
Keep my mother's tear
Keep my smile
My father's mail box
Does not read letters.

"By the doors of recent countries..."

By the doors of recent countries
And the laughter that comes without concern
I will stand lonely and broken
Not knowing exactly when that weakness started to sneak to my body
When my soul started to fade
Despite my long years stay by the coats of those beloved.

About a hunter struck with Alzheimer

Your body has the smell of grilled meat
Salted with tears
Said a hunter to his wife
While holding his gun
Getting ready to go.
I'm going to hunt
To come back
Not sitting on the corner he loved.
He tells us stories
About a sky that does not run fast
With the tremor of the train
And far away countries
That look like pieces cut from a single country.
He carries in his hand postcards
Sent by his friends
Pictures of people, vacations and summer travelers
People saying farewell
Waving with a bitterness that resembles home
But he would not stand getting off.
My eyes burn like someone tossed in a submarine
Whose doors were locked
Deep into the ocean.
And his determination continues
To tell the same story
The same ending.
I carried him lightly
Like the bamboo sticks
He used to make for us
To provide a wider area to sit.
I'd hold him on my shoulder
Sending him with hope and comfort to a far away time
Here you get off.

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