Sigurdur Pálsson

At Journey's End
Photo: Karolis Zukauskas
Translated from the Icelandic by Bernard Scudder
"First you see the white headlights                 
                                    Sigfús Dadason

In the distance quiver the headlights
of a car slowly driven over the hill

I know that we soon will see
the tailights
The red taillights

That's how it was in his poem
That's how it is now

The headlights quiver
an instant in the distance

That's how it was
That's how it is

My house
Translated from the Icelandic by Bernard Scudder
There is almost nothing missing
from my house
almost nothing
The chimney's missing
That grows on you
The walls are missing
and pictures from the walls
Take that as it is

There's not much missing
from my house
The chimney's missing
It won't smoke in the meanwhile
The walls are missing
and the windows
and the door

But it's cosy, my house
Have a seat
Don't be scared
We'll have a bite
Break the bread, sip the wine
Light a fire in the hearth

Look at
no admire the pictures
on the walls

go in through the door
or the windows
if not just the walls

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