Antònia Vicens

Antònia Vicens
Vicens - foto

Born and brought up in the grey world of the Franco era and the limitations of Balearic society, Antònia Vicens astonished both public and critics alike with her first novel, 39º a l'ombra (Sant Jordi prize, 1967), recently translated into German and reissued in Catalan. Vicens' prose is at once spontaneous and poetic, with a great capacity to recreate Mallorcan speech in literary form. This has been followed by a further ten novels, and more prizes, such as the 1981 Ciutat de Palma prize and the 1984 Ciutat de València prize; her latest book is Lluny del tren (2002). Antònia Vicens is a native of Santanyí, Mallorca, 1941.

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