Joan Brossa

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Brossa - gedichte11
Brossa - poesia rasa1


There's a fountain beside the house
The wind roars


Two words
A description
An image


I'll call the moon and the sun
and the men and the trees

I stare at the fire&

I see myself walking past the end of the street,
all my money shot to hell.
She, I keep thinking, is with those clowns
who end up biting bullets
between the sea and the mountains. She's with those clowns
who end up biting bullets
between the sea and the mountains.

Terrible sea and impetuous! You
hold heaven's key
and lock up the waters underground.
Father of rain and storms, you who are equal to the earth's own blood:
we adore you and invoke you.

Poem with Black Background
To David and Roser Mackay
To the right of the poem, a brown
sofa. In the middle of the poem,
Pierrot stretched out on the lines:
Harlequin crosses the poem, with
a black dove in his hand.
Colombine enters the poem
and from the sofa pulls dozens
of knitting needles.

She leaves.


This line is the present.

The line you've read is now past
It fell behind after being read.
The rest of the poem is the future,
which exists outside your

The words
are here, whether you read them
or not. And nothing on earth
can change that.

The Kiss

It seems
that she breathes, at the very foot of the tree,
the obstinate grass. I pluck
a blade, trampled by many feet.
Here; take it as a memory
of this evening with me.

to be sculpted in lemon

And how did Daphnis
feel about Chloë's kiss?

Small Apotheosis

The night
The day

We split the poem half
and half.

A mailman carrying the village correspondence
was surprised in the woods by
one of his neighbors who, brandishing a knife,
insisted that he gave him a certain letter, or that he let him have
the mailbag so he could look for it himself. The mailman
resisted as best he could and promised,
as was proper, that he'd bring the letter to his neighbor's house.
But the other refused, knocked the mailman
down, and started ransacking the mailbag when
a pair of policemen appeared on the scene
who, when they realized there was a fight going on, ran towards the men. The neighbor fled and, chased by the policemen,
jumped over some rocks with so little
skill and luck that he broke his leg
fell on his back and hit his head on the ground.

Moments later a carriage pulled up.

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