Some Catalan Books in Translation

Livre de l'ami et de l'aimé
Ramon Llull: Livre de l'Ami & de l'Aimé. Translation by Max Jacob. Illustrations by Apelles Fenosa. Institut Ramon Llull. Barcelona, 2003.
The poet J.V. Foix said that this was the book that all Catalans should have a copy of: the fact is that the Majorcan Ramon Llull, also known as Raimundus Lullus, Raymond Lulle or Lully - (1232-1316), poet, philosopher and narrator, is probably the most universal of the classic writers in Catalan literature, at least inasmuch as the concept of 'universality' is possible in the varied and fragmented world in which we live. His Llibre d' Amic e Amat, translated into English as The Book of the Lover and the Beloved, and into German as Das Buch vom Liebenden und Geliebten, consists of 365 brief prose sections, written in a mystical vein which does not however preclude a (homo)erotic reading of the work. Max Jacob, one of the masters of modern prose poetry, is without a doubt well qualified to translate this unforgettable literary jewel.

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