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Poetry in the Balearic Islands at the End of the Millenium
Poetry in the Balearic Islands at the End of the Millenium. Anthology by Pere Rosselló Bover. Translated by Estelle Henry-Bossoney. Documenta Balear. Palma (Mallorca), 2003.
As the person responsible for the selection has made clear, this bilingual Catalan-English publication is more of a 'sample' than an anthology: maybe there are too many authors (50) and too few poems per author (two or three): it will be very difficult for readers who don't have any other point of reference to get an idea of the poetry of authors such as Bartomeu Fiol, Miquel Bauçà, Damià Huguet, Àngel Terron, Antoni Marí, Miquel Cardell, Ponç Pons, Arnau Pons, Margalida Pons or Sebastià Alzamora, to name just a few, but, nonetheless, perhaps these and other names will awaken the readers' curiosity, given that there is a plenitude of memorable poems in this anthology. The anthology has already been published in French (La poésie aux Baléares à la fin du millénaire, Université de Montpellier, 2002). The one we are presenting here can be purchased on the internet at: Poetry in the Balearic Islands.

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