Bejan Matur

Bejan Matur was born in 1968. She is a graduate of Ankara University's law school. She published her award-winning first poetry collection Rüzgar Dolu Konaklar (Windswept Mansions) in 1996. Matur depicts the enchanting world of East Anatolian migrants in lyrical, at times heart-rending poems. Her other poetry collections include Tanri Görmesin Harflerimi (God Must Not See My Letters / 1999), Ayin Büyüttügü Ogullar (Sons Raised by the Moon / 2002) and Onun Çölünde (In His Desert / 2002).

Didem Madak

Didem Madak was born in 1970. She is a graduate of Izmir's law school. In 2000 she won the Inkilap Poetry Award with her unpublished poetry collection Grapon Kagitlari (Crêpe Paper). Her second collection of poems entitled Ah'lar Agaci (The Tree of Laments) was published in 2002.

Gokçenur C.

Gokçenur C. was born in Istanbul in 1971 and spent his childhood in a number of Turkish cities. He is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University's electrical engineering faculty and has a Master's degree in Business Administration from Istanbul University. He started publishing his poems in Turkish magazines in 1990 and his first collection Handbook of Every Book came out in 2006. He has translated Wallace Stevens, Paul Auster and an anthology of modern Japanese haiku into Turkish, and is currently preparing an anthology of modern American poetry. He is a member of the editorial board of the literary magazine Ç.N. (the initials stand for 'translator's note' in Turkish), which is dedicated to poetry in translation.

Seref Bilsel

Seref Bilsel was born in 1972 in Rize. He studied botanics and is also a graduate of Dumlupinar University's Turkish literature department. He has worked as a producer and consultant for cultural television programmes. His poems, esays and criticism have been published in many Turkish magazines. His collections of poetry include Dar Zaman Rivayetleri (Short Time Rumours / 1996), Magmada Kis Mevsimi (Winter in Magma / 2003), Mecnun Dali (Crazy Bough / 2007). He has been the editor of the annual Siir Defteri (Poetry Notebook) since 2004.

Betül Dünder

Betül Dünder was born in 1975 in Istanbul. She is a graduate of Anadolu University and has worked as an actress and theatre director for many years. Her first poem was published in Varlik literature magazine and her first collection Ayna Yorgunlugu (Mirror Weariness) was published in 2006.

Gonca Özmen

Gonca Özmen was born in Burdur in southern Turkey in 1982 and lives in Istanbul. She is a graduate of Istanbul University's English language and literature department where she is also currently completing her PhD. Her first poem was published in 1997 when she was fifteen years old. She was named a 'young poet to watch' in the same year and was awarded the Ali Riza Ertan Poetry Prize in 1999. Her first collection of poetry Kuytumda (In My Nook) was published in 2000 and was awarded the Orhan Murat Ariburnu Poetry Prize. In 2003 she also received Istanbul University's Berna Moran Poetry Prize. Her second collection of poetry Belki Sessiz (Maybe Quiet) was published in 2008.

Kadir Aydemir

Kadir Aydemir was born in 1977 in Kars, Ardahan and studied business administration and public relations. From 1997 to 2003 he was the editor of Baska (Other) poetry magazine and since 2000 he has been the editor of the web site He is the publisher of Haikum, Turkey's first haiku magazine, and the founder of the publishing house Yitik Ülke (Lostland). His collections of poetry and prose include Sessizligin Bekçisi (Gatekeeper of Silence / 2002); Dikenler Sarayi (Palace of Thorns / 2003), Gölü Emen Mektup (Letter Sucking the Lake / 2005), Asksiz Gölgeler (Loveless Shadows / 2007), and Rüzgârla Sakli (Hidden in the Wind / 2007).

Dogan Ergül

Dogan Ergül was born in 1968 in Kars, Arpaçay and studied urban design at Yildiz Technical University. His collections of poetry are Askin ve Sularin Ögleni (Noon of Love and Water / 2005) and Uykulu Yagmur (Sleepy Rain / 2007). The latter was published posthumously following Dogan Ergül's sudden death from lung cancer.

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