Come on, Wake up
Kadir Aydemir
Translated by Tozan Alkan
I am looking at your photo
Your naked shadow
is a fluttering butterfly on the ground

The first night I woke up with you
The rain had started to speak
I had smelled your body

My flower of sleep,
As you combed your hair
I thought of flightless sparrows

Where now
Is your little mirror
That makes us forget everything?

Winter of Poetry
Translated by Gokçenur Celebioglu
You are scattering dust on snow
the beak of a cloud cuts the writhing
Think of all that happens
Understand the stalactite that is angry with the sun
Your Father is drunk, there is a coal truck in front of the house
Understand, your tears won't melt this snow.

Translated by Gokçenur Celebioglu
I. Recalling

The belly of a cloud
billows with the strong wind
We hear the irregular
sound of a distant bell
Suddenly a sword: make the lightning

Where the sounds meet:
fields of desire

Bare rocks
reject the water with arrogance.

II. The Eye

Poplars, telegraph poles
the cricket
never stops

Olive tree surrounded with
crushed weeds

Everything is

And a robin
as if listening
to a conversation

Distant people
A palace of solid thorns
on earth
and in the gatekeeper's face.

III. Comprehending

slowness of the river

The sun
is about to set
The bird is making its nest

A grave:
tense texture of dark
Lost shadows
The wind immortalizes the birds

hides its cowardly face
Patient things
Courtesy of destiny.

IV. Ashes and Fire

Our dead,
ripeness of colours
in their orbits

Standing over there
as if freeing themselves of shame

Reflection of an infinite eye

An irregular sound
A hand holding a pigeon
A hidden harmony

An expanding universe in their mouths

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