Autumn Shorts
Family of Man, © Dimitris Tsoumplekas
Families: love them or hate them, you can't escape them

In its 31st issue Transcript returns to the art of the short story and revisits the Save Our Short Story Campaign in Britain, featured in Transcript 21. The form – often shunned by publishers for reasons difficult to explain -- the perception that “it may sell magazines but not books” is perhaps one of them -- has at the same time always served as a test of literary talent, requiring focus and economy of expression in achieving maximum impact in minimum space; the perfect form, in some ways akin to a poem, to reveal the complex nature of human relationships by illuminating a moment or series of moments, whether seemingly mundane and trivial or momentous and life-changing. The stories collected here from the Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Romania and Slovakia show that despite the “bad press” the form gets with publishers, it is thriving across Europe and is the ideal vehicle to explore a variety of family relationships, sometimes happy, sometimes dysfunctional, but never straightforward and simple.

Transcript 31 also marks the beginning of a fresh phase in the life of the magazine with the appointment of a new editorial team which will greatly contribute to our efforts to make literature travel. Francesca Rhydderch , the new Editor of Transcript, brings her rich experience to the job, having previously edited The New Welsh Review and worked in the publishing industry. The Berlin-based Assistant Editors Andreas Jandl and Stéphanie Lux have been working on Transcript behind the scenes for some time and will now assume responsibility for the German and French versions respectively. Robin Grossmann, Assistant Editor for the English version, has gained his experience working for Seren, the Welsh publisher known for its contemporary poetry series .

Alexandra Büchler
Director, Literature Across Frontiers

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