Nurdan Hatipoğlu
Nurdan Hatipoğlu

Nurdan Hatipoğlu was born in 1976 in Istanbul. She studied at the Department of Painting at Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts and graduated in 2001. Her works have been exhibited at various joint exhibitions in Istanbul, Florence and London. She also practices graphic design, video shooting and photography in Istanbul.

“Cutting, stretching and then pasting the raw fabric on to the canvas, raw fabric becomes the main instrument in my latest artworks which are spatial. With limited material and by using less colour, I form massive figures spontaneously. The animal and plant figures stand as metaphors of human conditions in life. In the end, what remains is sentiments and questions rather than definitions. Is it the mouth of a big fish or the tail of a little fish? The answer is relative.”

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