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Reviews of Turkish books published in translation into English.

Dear Shameless Death by Latife Tekin, Trans. by Saliha Paker & Mel Kenne

The City in Crimson Cloak by Aslı Erdoğan, Trans. by Amy Spangler

A Mind at Peace by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, Trans. by Erdağ Göknar

Two Girls by Perihan Mağden, Trans. by Brendan Freely

My Grandmother: A Memoir by Fethiye Çetin, Trans. by Maureen Freely

The Prophet Murders by Mehmet Murat Somer, Trans. by Kenneth Dakan

Night by Bilge Karasu, Trans. by Güneli Gün

Istanbul Noir, Trans. by Mustafa Ziyalan & Amy Spangler

The Comma Press’s Reberth: Stories from Cities on the Edge

Word Without Borders: October 2008, ‘Turkish Delight’

Edinburgh Review 125: Turkey

Turkish Book Review

The New Cultural Climate in Turkey
The New Cultural...
Translated by Victoria Holbrook – award-winning translator of The White Castle by Orhan Pamuk. The New Cultural Climate in Turkey by Nurdan Gurbilek is published by Zed Books, priced £14.99/$26.95 ISBN 9781848134874. For more information or to request a review copy please contact Ruvani de Silva on 020 7837 8466 or

 The New Cultural Climate of Turkey is a beautifully written collection of essays by a leading Turkish literary intellectual, which presents a compelling analysis of the cultural climate in Turkey, making the argument that the dominant external clichéd dualities of East/West and Secular/Sacred and Arabic/European should be replaced by a narrative of silence, repression and return. Comprising a sophisticated review of the history, culture and politics of Turkey since the 1980 military coup, this is the only book in English that analyzes the cultural aspects of modern Turkey in order to explore its place within global politics. A groundbreaking work for anyone with an interest in Turkey.

'Reading Nurdan Gürbilek’s prose is like listening to a person you have just met and don’t want to let go. She dazzles you with her account of cultural expression during the Turkish military dictatorship of the 1980’s… Gürbilek’s vision is at once ethnographic and cosmopolitan, as she is able to reflect on the small metaphors of life while also referring to world literature and European philosophy. This is a Turkey alive and unadorned -- beyond the clichés of East and West, the veil and cappuccino, Islam and Pamuk ... Victoria Holbrook’s translation sparkles like the morning rays falling on the Bosphorus.'

Prof Gregory Jusdanis, The Ohio State University

In The New Cultural Climate in Turkey, the literary and cultural critic Nurdan Gürbilek depicts an all-round picture of Turkey in the post-1980 era characterized by the latest military coup and its aftermath. From the exhibited corpse of a murdered pornography artist to the tamed and agonized picture of an anonymous child that decorates the walls of the Anatolian coffee houses, Gürbilek presents a gallery of portraits that reveal the cultural codes of a society that experienced - and is still experiencing - the impacts of a series of upheavals and radical transformations ... She situates the Turkish novel within its own history and tradition at the same time as she explores its thematic correspondences and formal engagements with the western novel. Her skill in combining minute, analytic textual explication with erudite theoretical framing is sure to captivate a wide audience of scholar and student alike who are interested in Turkish literature.'

Jale Parla, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Istanbul Bilgi University

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