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    Atef Abu Saif
    Atef Abu Saif in interview

    I studied Political Science, which was something I liked and was interested in. It’s true, as Aristotle says, man is a political animal – but in Gaza, politics is everywhere, believe me! Even the donkeys, the dogs, they understand politics, because we live in a highly politicised society, and region, in general – of course it’s not just all about Gaza.

  • Asma Shaker

    They float down slowly onto the roofs and the streets, hang on pylons and electrical poles, get caught on wires.

    The clamour of little boys playing in the street nearby; one of them has gathered up the fallen pieces of paper, in curiosity, and threaded them onto a string. He runs along, stamping his feet on the ground and shouting “leaflets, leaflets for sale.”

  • Najlaa Ataallah

    I stand in front of the mirror, laughing and running my fingertips through the strands of my hair, acknowledging that the mirror hadn’t been speaking, that there were no horses, and no echo of a rhythm, there was just the mirror and me and a shadow cloaked in a body.

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