FEATURE: "Dreams of Literature"

Víctor Martínez-Gil
Víctor Martínez-Gil

Víctor Martínez-Gil is a professor in the Department of Catalan Language and Literature at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. His doctoral thesis focused on the on the Iberian link between Catalan and Portuguese cultures. This thesis led to the publication of his book El naixement de l’iberisme catalanista (1997), awarded the 1996 Carles Rahola Essay Prize. In addition to various articles he wrote on the same subject, Martínez-Gil also edited the publication Álvaro Cunqueiro e as amizades catalanas (2003) and the anthology Fernando Pessoa. Escrits sobre Catalunya i Ibèria (2007). He has translated works by Mário de Sá-Carneiro, José Saramago, Herberto Helder and Fernando Pessoa from Portuguese to Catalan.

In his capacity as a textual critic he coordinated the publication of the book L’edició de textos: història i mètode (2002). Likewise, he oversaw the publication of the critical edition of Salvador Espriu’s works, resulting in the publication of various books. He is a regular contributor to the Els Marges journal and co-director of the Indesinenter. Anuari Espriu periodical. In the field of fantasy/science fiction works, he published an anthology titled Els altres mons de la literatura catalana (2004) and «Un llibre de ciència-ficció és més que un llibre de ciència-ficció? Sobre A. Munné-Jordà,» and wrote the foreword to the A. Munné-Jordà’s book, El mirall venecià (2008).

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