POETRY: Joe Friggieri

Joe Friggieri

Joe Friggieri (born in 1946) is a poet, playwright and theatre director.

His publications include three volumes of poetry, three collections of short stories, and a number of plays. His literay output was extensively reviewed by Professor David E. Cooper in the London Times Literary Supplement under the title "Crammed with Fine Dreams".

Professor Cooper wrote: "Joe Friggieri conveys a gentle nostalgia for times not so very long past, and embellished by memories of a childhood that never quite was. What is recalled with a sense of loss are the days when people had the leisure to wonder at the mystery of simple things.”

For his contribution to the Maltese cultural scene Joe Friggieri was made a Member of the National Order of Merit in December 2008. He is head of the Philosophy Department at the University of Malta and has published extensively on J.L. Austin.

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